Facility Builders and Erectors - Who We Are and What We Do

Facility Builders & Erectors Inc. was established in 1993 by Ken Thomson. For over 25 years, FB&E has been successfully providing Industrial and Community construction services in 6 western states to a diverse clientele ranging from Trash and Recycling, Aerospace manufacturing, Aviation, Transportation and Distribution, along with public works operational facilities and community parks. The company's success has been based on understanding our client's needs and delivering projects as promised.

Many of the FB&E projects include a Steel Building component to them. Projects with Steel Buildings have become so numerous it has made sense for us to employ our own steel erection crews in the assembly of these extremely efficient and flexible structures.

Ken Thomson and Steve Sindelar As technology continues to advance, so do our customer needs evolve. With these changes, we adapt to these current demands for greener and smarter buildings, specific environmental controlled spaces and address the increased focus on the life cycle costs of a building, not just the low initial costs.

We often define what we do as both a process and a product. As a Design-Build General Contractor, we are responsible for the design phase, permit processing, agency interfaces and the build. The FB&E Team is structured to support each project depending on the unique challenges each one represents. For us every project is different and we adapt our delivery and resources to meet those needs.

Our services are tailored to meet our client's business objectives and deliver the best value for each of our projects.

We deliver these projects in a variety of roles including:

The types of projects include:

The industries and markets we serve include:

The services FB&E provides with its labor force include:

We recognize with every project being different, it is important to understand our clients priorities, expectations and needs.

Every project is different. As part of your team, we strive to bring the right solutions to fit your project.