Facility Builders and Erectors - Who We Are and What We Do

Facility Builders and Erectors is a team of construction professionals who pursue their profession with passion and enthusiasm. We provide construction services to our clients ranging from conceptual studies and analysis to complete turnkey projects. Our areas of primary focus are in Industrial, Commercial and Community sectors.

Started in 1993, FB&E's first years' revenues were just under a million dollars. In 2012 we completed just under $30,000,000 in revenues from our various construction projects. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to build for many wonderful people and businesses. We have always appreciated the opportunities we have worked for everyday.

Ken Thomson and Steve SindelarOur job is to understand and build to your project expectations, at whatever level our participation is for a given project. We place a huge emphasis on clear communication between the Owner, the Architect and the Contractor.

Our services are tailored to meet our client's business objectives and deliver the best value for each of our projects.

We deliver these projects in a variety of roles including:

  • Construction management
  • General contractor
  • Design builder
  • Metal building contractor and erectors

The types of projects include:

  • Ground-up turnkey buildings
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Occupied facility expansions and modifications
  • Private industry and public works
  • Alternative energy solutions, CNG, Solar, EV charging stations

The industries and markets we serve include:

  • Refuse and recycling.
  • Trucking and transportation.
  • Manufacturing - simple manufacturing to controlled environments.
  • Aviation and aerospace.
  • Food processing and production.
  • Warehousing and distribution.
  • Community parks and recreation.
  • City yards and operations facilities.
  • Pre-engineered metal buildings.
  • Pre-engineered metal building erection services.
  • Medical and professional offices and environments.
  • Utility company improvements.

The services FB&E provides with its labor force include:

  • Pre-construction project management and programming
  • Lender support
  • Permit processing
  • Safety planning and oversight
  • Project estimating and bidding
  • Project management and supervision
  • Scheduling
  • Construction site and SWPPP maintenance
  • Furnishing and erecting pre-engineered metal buildings
  • Project detailing
  • Progress payment disbursements
  • Lien Release management
  • Insurance certificate management
  • Project Commissioning and Closeout

We recognize with every project being different, it is important to understand our clients priorities, expectations and needs.

  • Some of our clients have very specific guidelines established.
  • Others may look to FB&E to provide a single point of responsibility for the design, permitting and construction of the improvements.
  • Every municipality has its own version of code standards and zoning ordinances that need to be layered into a project. Sometimes the planning approvals take longer than the construction.
  • Buildings we work in and around may be fully occupied, bringing into play safety management issues, ensuring both the operations and constructions teams are working effectively together.
  • Many projects have hard deadlines to meet.
  • Some building projects need to the GREEN certified.
  • Many buildings have specific performance needs including crane loads, equipment foundations and temperature and humidity controls along energy management systems.
  • All of them need to be built on time and on budget.

Every project is different. As part of your team, we strive to bring the right solutions to fit the your project.