Building Construction in Commercial and Industrial Markets

By Ken Thomson

Buildings for commercial and industrial companies tend to be large and complex and constructing them calls for a well-organized method for managing project details. Industrial and commercial construction entails taking into consideration a number of factors, including the nature of the particular sector for which the structure or structures are being provided, a thorough and comprehensive understanding of all owner desires, the appropriate materials to use and applicable design methods. Beyond these issues, the contractor must keep track of financial and legal constraints.

Construction of commercial or industrial buildings is thus highly specialized. The variety of uses is so vast that care must be taken to grasp the unique characteristics pertinent to the facility at hand. Example industries are utilities, telecom, metallurgical handling, medicine, petroleum and gas processing. Discovery of these unique qualities is best obtained through construction management practices. This approach assures that no detail is overlooked and that the entire project is kept on track and within budget.

commerical-facility.jpgLarge commercial buildings have traditionally been structured with steel, but a more modern technique is to erect structures using tilt-up concrete. Steel is the more economical choice for smaller facilities (less than about 50,000 square feet), whereas cost benefits favor concrete for large installations. Another modern trend is the desire to build green. Contractors able to pass LEED certification have an advantage in this area.

To compete successfully in the commercial and industrial construction field, contractors must exhibit certain strengths. Many owners prefer to contract with a design builder who is responsible for the entire project from concept to delivery rather than to complete the design before sending it out for bids the traditional way. This approach affords accelerated schedules and settles constructability issues early on. However, it demands of the contractor the ability to see the big picture without losing sight of details and the ability to assemble a reliable team of architects with whom he is comfortable collaborating.

The design-build delivery method goes hand-in-hand with construction management. More focus is given to pre-construction services including: estimating budgets and schedules, ironing out detailed specifications with owners and architects and taking care of site conditions and permitting.

Needless to say, the successful contractor must be skilled both in constructing pre-engineered metal buildings and in applying tilt-up technology. And he is ahead of the curve by practicing sustainability construction and by facilitating LEED certification.

Facility Builders & Erectors has established itself as the preeminent construction manager for commerce, industry and manufacturing. We perform extensive site visitations at the outset and do all we can to anticipate any problems that could potentially arise. We communicate with our customers continually during the entire design and construction process, not only to make sure we thoroughly understand their requirements and predilections, but also to inform them of our on-going analyses so that they can refine their ideas until they are sure they will get exactly what they want.

FB&E also has long-standing relationships with several architectural firms, providing us with the capability of matching the best design team to the project. Our close collaboration with designers results in the most efficient and economical solutions for our clients.

industrial erection.jpgFurthermore, we have been framing and erecting pre-engineered steel buildings for years. Our employees are experts with the specialized equipment required and are trained in all-important safety precautions. But this does not limit us in any way, for we have also perfected constructing buildings with tilt-up concrete.

Because of the close relationships we develop with our customers, Facility Builders & Erectors enjoys a strong reputation in the commercial construction community, has garnered excellent references and continues to maintain friendships with many clients long after the project is complete.