Subcontractor Pre-Qualification

specialized subcontractorsFacility Builders & Erectors, Inc. recognizes the importance and value of all the specialized subcontractors that go into making up a successful project. As we pursue our business and project objectives, we realize the efforts of our subcontractor team are directly related to our mutual success.

As the rules of engagement become more complex with contractual issues, insurance requirements, safety standards and the importance of communication, we have established a requirement to become pre-qualified with Facility Builders & Erectors, Inc. in order to provide your specialty services. Once completed, the entire subcontracting process on the projects will become a lot easier.

When we receive a proposal from you offering your goods and services, it is critical that the terms and conditions and our expectations are clearly understood. To that end, we have the following documents available to download for your use:


Contractors Plan Room SpecificationsPlan Room

Access to full plans and specifications for contracted work is available via this link.

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