Building Erectors to Solve Your Construction Needs

By Ken Thomson

Building erectors need to be experts in all materials used for assembling commercial steel structures. Clients expect the erectors to be adept at both assembling all components of pre-engineered buildings. Facility Builders more than fulfills such expectations, having built structures for a wide range of industries in the western US and having successfully implemented a variety of construction types.

Frequently, building erectors are called upon specifically to put in place pre engineered metal structures, occasionally as a subcontractor for that trade alone, or hired to finish the building as well. We have the trained staff ready to step in and perform in a universal capacity, including managing an entire construction project. We feel it is important to take the time to plan thoroughly, ask many questions, consider alternatives, and furnish constructible solutions.

For years, we have been providing manufacturing customers with pre-engineered steel structures and erecting them. Our employees are trained to operate the special equipment and tools needed with utmost skill and safety. Even so, we are not pigeonholed into building with steel only, we also possess the expertise to work with tilt-up concrete and of the conventional construction methods.

In addition, FB&E possesses, buy is not limited to, the expertise in construct buildings with particular characteristics such as recreation facilities, warehouses, or office renovations. We know how to handle industrial application requirements for equipment foundations or crane loads and aviation requirements for big clear spans in hangars. A specialty niche of ours is erecting the pre-engineered metal building, either acting as general contractor or subcontractor.

Environmental conditions have also spurred interest in building green for both commercial and residential construction. Concerns about climate change, combined with certain tax incentives, have encouraged businesses to erect greener buildings in the effort to make their enterprises fully sustainable.

Thus, to succeed in today's competitive marketplace, the contractor must be capable of erecting both pre-engineered metal buildings and concrete structures using tilt-up technology, and to help those customers who wish to invest in and practice sustainability get LEED certified.

Facility Builders is capable of providing a variety of project types. We can deliver a turnkey structure built from scratch, with differing solutions in an interesting ways. An example is a tenant improvement project, where new renters of commercially leased space alter the interior to suit their needs without affecting the building shell. Our experience extends to yet other project types, including fueling stations for alternative energy vehicles (electric and compressed natural gas) and public works.

Usually building erectors are hired for that specific task only. The design phase completes prior to the Owner sending out the work for bids. In this arrangement, all risk belongs to the Owner and the contractor is paid extra if there are change orders. Alternatively, owners may seek erectors who are also qualified in construction management and Design-Build methods, thereby putting responsibility and risk with the erector.

Alternatively, an approach to risk mitigation for owners is to hire erectors at an earlier stage, especially prior to detailed design. Naturally, the erector's input is sought on budgets, schedules, and constructability, the Owner will initially award an erector the contract first. Consequently, competition is virtually eliminated, resembling the Design-Build method more than Design-Bid-Build, but the Owner benefits with better outcomes.

Facility Builders and Erectors (FBE), in business since 1993, is known for making its customers' dreams a reality. We are construction management experts and enjoy working with customers to find them the most efficient, most constructible, and best-designed solutions that satisfies their needs.

What distinguishes Facility Builders & Erectors is the emphasis we place on forming strong relationships with our clients. We genuinely want, and strive to attain, absolute owner satisfaction. This customer-oriented philosophy has brought us a high community standing, and many of our customers are lasting friends.

Successful projects aren't going to happen on their own. They result from careful cooperation among designers, owners, and building erectors.