Reasons to Choose Church Metal Buildings

By Ken Thomson

Metal buildings are ideal for congregations that need to expand or create a new church. The beautiful thing about this style of structure is it can be fully customized and designed create great spaces to worship.

Metal buildings can incorporate all the traditional features including cathedral ceilings, steeples and stained glass windows. Parishioners won't be able to tell the difference between conventionally-framed versus steel-frame upon completion.

Better yet, steel frame church buildings save congregations money in building materials, labor costs, and utilities. Worship services can be back to normal in short order because prefabricated churches minimize required onsite construction time.

Whether you need a small community church or expansive structure with a gymnasium and offices, metal building erectors can provide a state of the art facility without breaking the proverbial collection plate.

On average, metal building churches costs less than a comparable wood-frame structures. Savings can be further maximized by making use of adequate insulation and design features, such as eave closures and solar panels.

It is advantageous to work with a steel building general contractor or design builder familiar with metal church buildings. Design builders offer guidance on architectural features, interior finishings, and exterior components to achieve the desired look.

General contractors oversee all tasks related to the build including securing permits to hire subcontractors and employing a skilled labor force.

People often make the mistake of going with the lowest price, but this is rarely a good idea. Receiving guidance from experienced professionals offsets the costs in quality craftsmanship and advice for continual savings after the build is complete.

For instance, design builders are knowledgeable about components that make buildings airtight and weather-proof, resulting in lower energy bills. They can also advise of ways to obtain tax credits or government grants by adding sustainable energy resources like solar panels and wind turbines.

Additionally, designers take into account future growth and can create plans to accommodate additions at a later time. They can help with selecting construction materials that are attractive, yet easy to maintain. Their expertise can yield extensive savings for years to come.

Imagine how much time it would take to choose a building design and select ceiling lights, lighting fixtures, windows, doors, wall panel facades, and interior finishings. Then, consider how much time is needed to locate architects, building materials, contractors, and metal building erectors.

This is where working with a Design Builder pays off. Not to mention they carry the burden of the construction project. Instead of wasting precious time, consult with professionals, such as Facility Builders and Erectors.

Choosing steel buildings for churches will save your congregation time and money while delivering a beautiful place of worship that will last for decades.

FBE can help you design a fully customized church, or add a welcome center, gymnasium, administrative offices, youth room, or any other type of expansion at an affordable price.

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