Custom Built Commercial Metal Buildings

By Ken Thomson

There are many advantages to having commercial metal buildings built to order. Project owners can select every element of the structure including wall panel colors or facades, door and window styles, roofing, finishings, and accessories.

Custom built commercial metal buildings are a cost-effective solution for almost any kind of business enterprise. Whether you need a retail showroom, manufacturing plant, or transportation facility, steel buildings are worth exploring.

Today, metal structures are substantially more appealing than in the past. Advanced technologies and construction materials provide substantial flexibility in design elements. Project owners have numerous options that allow them to create a unique structure that is attractive, yet functional.

Should you find yourself the need for a commercial or industrial building, it would be worth considering a Pre-Engineered Metal Building. Talking with a Design-Builder, who has a strong understanding of the different construction materials including concrete tilt-up, masonry, conventional framing and metal buildings can help bring focus to the building options.

Every site is different. Every project is different. Identifying the right solution entails understanding how site conditions, building uses, budget, schedule and planning, both near and long term all play a part of the "value" of the deign for a specific project.

Nearly every aspect of buildings can be customized including wall panel styles, colors, and finishes; roofing materials and pitches; doors and windows; and interior trims and finishings.

Wall panel systems are offered as insulated or non-insulated and come in a variety of styles and colors. Top choices include ribbed, non-ribbed, embossed and stucco fa├žade. Insulated panels are available in a wide range of thicknesses to provide adequate R-value ratings and comply with local building codes.

Multiple accessories can be added to pre engineered steel buildings to make them appealing to customers and occupants. Office buildings can include interior wall partitions, custom lighting fixtures, bi-fold doors, and other features to create a welcoming and flexible work environment.

A sensible approach to metal building construction is to work with a general contractor or design and build team, such as Facility Builders. Hiring experienced professionals will ease the stress of creating a customized building and ensure the building is built to code and properly erected.

Design builder contractors are capable of turning concepts into completed buildings. They help project owners select design features best suited for the building's use and secure construction materials and labor force needed to deliver the finished product.

At Facility Builders and Erectors, we help project owners understand every option so they can make informed decisions. We are a construction management team offering a variety of services that range from conceptual studies and analysis to general contractor.

Our mission is to understand clients' concept and deliver a finished product that fulfills their expectations. We invite you to explore our website and learn about the various options available with commercial steel buildings.

Our professional team has the expertise to design and build superior quality structures that are cost-effective, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Click here to get started.