Erecting Steel Buildings in Commercial and Industrial Settings

By Ken Thomson

The process for erecting steel buildings varies depending on the type and size of structure, as well as the sort of accessories and finishings added to complete the design. However, every type of building requires a level foundation and precision assembly to ensure structural integrity.

Since structures are manufactured off site, erecting steel buildings is not as labor-intensive as other types of construction. The process is also less time-consuming and requires fewer trades. With that said contractors must be knowledgeable in specific applications and have proper equipment and training.

It's vital to work with reputable building erectors and project managers capable of guiding you through the entire steel building order. Look for experienced companies, such as Facility Builders and Erectors, who offer a wide range of design and build services.

Larger construction and tenant improvements projects normally require construction management or design builder services. Project managers are instrumental in coordinating efforts from start to finish. They organize everything from acquiring construction plans and permits to procuring supplies and trades people.

The benefits of metal buildings are numerous. At the forefront are affordability, durability and sustainability. Pre engineered steel structures cost less to build in both material and labor costs. They also require less maintenance because fewer components are involved.

Steel buildings are extremely durable and can withstand every type of weather condition. New structures are covered by finish coating and structural warranties that extend between 25 up to 30 years.

The manner in which the building is to be used has great influence on design elements. Specialized buildings, such as those used for refuse and recycling or aerospace, require customized features not found in other types of structures.

For example, airplane hangars require high ceilings and layer clear span hangar doors, while church metal buildings make use of steeper-pitched roofs and windows and doors elements. These elements add a new layer of complexity to the engineering and erection processes. Employing a construction team familiar with the specific style of metal building ensures smooth delivery of the finished product.

Facility Builders understands the art of designing and erecting steel buildings in specialized applications. Whether building a new structure, expanding an existing structure, or making tenant improvements, the team of FBandE has the knowledge and equipment to perform the job safely and efficiently. Give us a call at 714-577-8060 or send an email to talk about your next project.