Erectors of Prefab Metal Buildings

By Ken Thomson

Erectors are whom you hire to raise up a building, often prefabricated, into position. The erectors have to be familiar with all kinds of framing and exterior construction materials, to perform their job skillfully and quickly. Facility Builders and Erectors has years of experience as erectors of such buildings used for a wide range of purposes and applications.

We put "erectors" in our title because we have carved out a market niche in this department. We are considered the "go-to" firm across a broad spectrum of communities and industries from transportation to chemical processing. We know that construction is a process, not just an end result. It means establishing a trustworthy relationship with our customers and demonstrating our core principles of integrity, safety, teamwork, and enthusiasm.

Going green is another popular trend nowadays, both in commercial and residential construction. The desire to reduce a building's carbon footprint and achieve a fully sustainable enterprise motivates many companies to hire erectors of eco-friendly structures, including our customers in waste processing.

We are known for optimizing the steel framing system and for being skilled erectors of them. Our staff is well versed in the particular equipment this work entails and is always mindful of taking proper safety precautions. But specializing in prefabricated steel frames, has not kept us from perfecting our skills in tilt-up concrete construction.

To manage large projects such as constructing commercial buildings or renovating offices involves a number of skills and is demanding work. The overall responsibility is to furnish all the equipment, materials, services, and labor to achieve successful completion. Invariably this means that one must hire and schedule subcontractors. An additional important aspect is to communicate continuously with both Owner and Architect, keeping track of all details.

Based on project scope and characteristics, contractors and erectors may need to apply for building permits, provide for utility service temporarily onsite, and arrange for surveying and other engineering tasks. But one can always expect to provide security management to some degree, to dispose of storm water and construction waste, and to execute quality control.

To Facility Builders and Erectors (FB&E) total customer satisfaction is of great importance, and we make an effort to develop close working relationships with our clients to this end. Their appreciation is evident in the number of our lifelong friendships with them that have continued after project completion. Moreover, this attribute is the foundation of our high standing in the industrial construction community.

Facility Builders and Erectors, renowned for bringing a client's visions to life, has been doing so since 1993. As reputable construction managers, FBE finds joy in helping clients get the best solution possible in terms of design, constructability, and efficiency. Projects don't succeed by happenstance. They flourish from seeds carefully planted by contractors, erectors, designers, and owners acting as a team.

Our capabilities vary in size and price. We pursue projects ranging up to $25,000,000. We have the capacity to construct one- to three-story buildings ranging up to 300,000 square feet, and to develop sites up to 40 acres in size. We will not only meet your expectations for contractors and erectors but will exceed them. Be sure to call FB&E today.