Industrial Contractors of Commercial Buildings

By Ken Thomson

Industrial contractors build very large structures to accommodate complex work and processing flow, and to earn this big responsibility they must demonstrate expertise and discipline. But to succeed, industrial contractors must also go beyond establishing their competence and distinguish themselves in a highly competitive field. Dependability and trustworthiness are important and valuable qualities in this regard.

As proven industrial contractors, Facility Builders has distinguished itself as a "go-to" company that delivers the right solution for its customers. We have a skilled labor force completely versed in the special intricacies needed to get the job done right. We emphasize safety, integrity, and teamwork, and we understand the importance of communication and planning. The set of management services we provide are comprehensive and extensive.

Industrial and commercial construction entails significant specialization. There are various applications and processes that the industrial facility may not function properly without a thorough understanding of its particular characteristics. Industries can be as diverse as telecom, medicine, utilities, gas processing, or refuse and recycling handling.

Facility Builders has the capacity to provide any delivery method. If the traditional Design-Bid-Build method is used in a project, we will submit a competitive bid to become the head contractor. As the name implies, for this delivery method the design, bid, and build phases occur sequentially and usually by different parties. We become the contractors if and only if our bids win. In these cases we won't have contributed to the earlier design phases of the project.

Projects that implement the Design-Build delivery method, FB&E takes on the Design Builder role. This means that both the design and construction phases are our responsibility, and we select an architectural team with which to collaborate. Somewhere between the preliminary and detailed design phases the cost becomes fixed and we have to absorb change expenses thereafter. This approach is more efficient because material and constructible analyses are performed early and the schedule is accelerated.

It is usually a sizable industrial corporation that hires us to erect their commercial buildings. The client's processes tend to be complicated and intricate. For instance, the plant might process waste and recycled materials. The facilities that house these processes must not hinder their efficiency and smooth operational flow in any way. Therefore, effective project management is required to keep track of details and to keep on top of budgeting and scheduling.

As contractors, we maintain open and continuous communications with everyone involved, particularly architects and the Owner, throughout the project. This is the way we manage risk, uncovering and correcting conceptual problems before they get into plans, and design problems before they get built. We cover all the details, including insurance certification, project commissioning, progress payments, and lien release.

FB&E's greatest strength is as at-risk management contractors. This implies an involvement with all project aspects including refinement of Owner's vision and final product delivery. We put a lot of effort into such pre-construction services as scheduling, budget estimation, permit processing, lender support, and constructability analysis. We keep on top of industrial site conditions, stay mindful of the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), if applicable, and carefully manage safety.

However, much more than scheduling and budgeting is involved in successfully designing and erecting these large industrial projects. Contractors must analyze the design, conduct value engineering, and assess the availability of called-for materials. Additional duties may include getting subcontractor bids and permits, managing site safety, and interfacing with the public regarding potential inconveniences, feasibility, and environmental impact.

It is possible to significantly mitigate risk by getting contractors involved during the design phase to provide input or at least well before construction begins. When contractors collaborate with design teams they are more likely to settle issues early and inexpensively. There are other ways in which good contractors can be of service prior to construction, but when the Owner values these services it might be more appropriate to implement the Design Builder delivery method.

There are times when those in commercial and industrial building construction encounter CODE or financial issues. For example, local municipalities may impose special requirements related to building codes or zoning. However, restrictions might also be intended to prevent any violation of community expectations and customs or to guarantee that indisputably harmful results are avoided at all costs, especially when hazardous industrial chemicals are involved.

Our commitment to excellence is exhibited in certain extra efforts we make, writing proposals that are clear and concise, including full time site supervision, and communicating continuously and transparently. We manage safety and risk through alert anticipation of issues. Our bonding and insurance ratings are of the highest value and quality.

Consider Facility Builders and Erectors as the industrial contractors for your project.