Los Angeles General Contractors Fulfilling All Construction Needs

By Ken Thomson

Los Angeles general contractors have to be prepared to deliver a number of different types of construction for the broadly diverse kinds of industry that occur in this region. General contractors in greater Los Angeles must also possess the management skills and community relationships to negotiate the many different governmental rules, building codes, and environmental regulations that come into play for large commercial projects.

Facility Builders & Erectors, Inc. (FB&E) a Los Angeles general contractor since 1993, has been successfully realizing our customers' visions. We collaborate closely with owners and designers, striving to find the most economical, efficient, and constructible solutions that satisfy these visions. We specialize in construction management practices and the Design-Build delivery method, but we are also experienced and well equipped to respond as contractors to proposals using the traditional Design-Bid-Build approach.

We at Facility Builders know that industrial construction projects can't be viewed as ends in themselves but rather as processes. Integrity, Safety, Teamwork, and Enthusiasm are our core values. Our reputation of trustworthiness from project start to finish has won us the prestige of being the firm to go to across a spectrum of industries and communities. See https://www.facilitybuilders.com/projects for examples of our contracting successes. We can bring you the right solution for your next construction project as well.

Not only in Los Angeles, but throughout the West as well, we have built structures for companies in many different industries and with diverse construction applications. Our staff has the training and experience to build specialized structures and to provide additional management services for all purposes. Our curiosity and diligence go beyond the customary in striving to discover what will be the best outcome for our clients.

Prime Contractors review all project documentation and possibly visit the site before bidding. They become managers of the project when the Owner accepts their bid. The contractor's overall responsibilities include collaborating with the design team, arranging for and scheduling labor and material resources, and managing all project documents throughout, all the while keeping in constant contact with the Owner.

Construction project management requires many skills and much effort, particularly for large commercial building projects. The main duty entails bringing together all the materials, labor, services, and equipment in an orderly way to complete the project. To accomplish this usually involves hiring subcontractors and scheduling their work. Also, success usually hinges on maintaining impeccable records and communicating on a continual basis with Architects and the Owner.

The specific duties spelled out in the contract vary from project to project, but they might include site surveying, getting utilities working on a temporary basis, and submitting permit applications. Other tasks are almost always included, such as quality control; dust and storm water control; and managing onsite security.

Facility Builders has broad experience as contractors for a variety of project types. Perhaps the most conventional project type is excavation and erection resulting in a turnkey building, but there are other types varying in complexity. For example, we have helped to alleviate the thirst for alternative forms energy by building filling stations for compressed natural gas. In some cases our contract specifies modification or expansion of a facility while the space remains occupied, often entailing additional safety concerns. Other project types for which we were contractors include public works structures.

Facility Builders has expertise with every delivery method. We can take on the General Contractor role when the project implements the traditional Design-Bid-Build approach. In this case some other architectural team has already prepared detailed drawings and the Owner is soliciting construction bids. Our involvement begins at the point the Owner accepts our bid.

FB&E also has the staff and skills to build customized structures with unique traits, whether they be warehouses, recreation facilities, or office renovations. We possess the understanding and experience needed to equip aerospace hangars with large clear spans and to provide industrial factories with equipment foundations that will support crane loads. We are particularly well positioned to supply and/or erect metal buildings that have been pre-engineered, either in the capacity of subcontractor or of general contractor.

General Contractors have to know how to manage risk. In cases where project design is straightforward and uncomplicated (e.g., minor tenant improvements), problems are not apt to arise. But one has to anticipate issues arising as scope increases. Some sample issues are failed inspections, hazardous onsite conditions, unacceptable subcontractor performance, unsafe conditions, and uncooperative weather.

Project management requires other skills as well, such as calculating critical paths for scheduling and managing the cash flow. And a necessary part of being a contractor is handling changes when the finished product differs from what the owner envisioned.

Our company exhibits the extra qualities of greatness, such as excellent references, communication skills, producing concise and clear proposals, and providing constant site supervision. We practice conscientious safety and risk management, anticipating issues. The quality and value of our insurance and bonding are top-rate.

Our price and size capacity covers a broad spectrum. We will pursue contracts up to $25,000,000. You can rely on us not only to meet but also to exceed whatever construction management needs you have. Don't hesitate to call FB&E when looking for Los Angeles general contractors.