Selecting The Right Metal Building Erectors to Work on a Construction Project

By Ken Thomson

Metal building erectors are trained to assemble pre-engineered structures that are required to successfully construct these building for commercial industrial and public works construction projects.

Since pre engineered structures work with a diversity of steel products and accessories, erectors undergo extensive training in these products to ensure they are assembled correctly.

Metal building erectors are qualified in personal protective equipment, roof top tie-off systems, crane rigging, aerial boom lifts, specialty tools and material handling. Assembly of these highly efficient building systems require crews well versed in both assemblies of the structures as well as working safe during the process, resulting in a completed engineered building shell.

Assembling larger structures such as industrial refuse and recycling facilities, sophisticated manufacturing facilities or aviation buildings requires erectors with substantial experience, as the complexities of these larger structures do get magnified. It is important to understand the experience skills and safety record of any pre-engineered building erector.

Larger or more complex projects require the leadership of a general contractor, who will oversee the work performed by everyone associated with the project. General contractors orchestrate the construction team comprised of architects and engineers, building erectors and many specialty sub-contractors, taking control and responsibility for the delivery of the completed projects.

Prefabricated steel buildings are a popular choice for manufacturing where tall interior space and the ability to support over cranes are critical. Agricultural buildings utilize the clear span capabilities and flexible frame design. Storage facilities from the simple to refrigerated and freezer environments take advantage of the diversity of wall and rod panels, form minimal to high R. value systems. Transportation sector business value the cost effective, long lasting and low maintenance roof and wall structure in the future as well as the flexibility for overhead door location.

Metal buildings are often overlooked for retail stores, restaurants, business offices and private residences. However, advances in construction technology and materials, pre-engineered steel buildings are now a practical option for most market sectors.

There are many benefits associated with metal structures. Along with reduced construction material and labor costs, these building offer additional savings in energy and maintenance. There are many pre-engineered steel buildings as a part of recognized energy efficient and environmentally sound projects.

Steel buildings are great platforms for the additional of solar panels a source of renewable energy. A variety of energy saving insulated wall and roof systems can ensure heating and cooling systems are used at maximum efficiency. With the proper installation of door and window systems, the prefabricated steel building is an extremely efficient and long lasting building shell.

Nearly every type of amenity offered with conventionally built buildings can be added to prefab buildings. Project owners can choose from wide array of custom doors, windows, and trim packages, as well as exterior accessories such as entrance canopies and decks. The ability of pre-engineered metal building's to accept convention wall systems and accents can give literally unlimited architectural appearance.

Furthermore, pre-engineered metal buildings can make use of expandable frames which allow for convenient add-on at a later date.

Steel structures are able to endure extreme weather conditions including strong winds, heavy snowfall, even earthquakes and tornadoes. This makes them ideal for use in regions that are prone to harsh environmental conditions.

Not all steel buildings are the same and building erectors skill sets vary greatly. Taking time to find experienced steel building erectors and general contractors can ensure the right building is matched with a specific project.

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