Does Your Office Need Renovation?

By Ken Thomson

An office renovation in Southern California can be handled with one phone call to Facility Builders & Erectors, your local TI contractor. Since 1993, the Anaheim based general contractor has delivered office renovations to the Community, Commercial and Industrial market.

Office renovations can be as simple as adding a door to improve traffic flow in an existing office or as complex as building out a 100,000 square foot R&D center housing dozens of scientists with support staff and sophisticated laboratory environments.

Before the three basic construction questions can be answered, which include what will it look like, how much will it cost and how long will it take, some fundamental analysis needs to be done.

The complexity of the office renovation dictates the level of analysis. Cutting in that door in the wall could require very little analysis, but what if that wall is a shear wall? What if that wall has a structural post in it? What if that wall is a firewall? If so what is the rating? Each answer to the door question leads to a different solution.

Large projects involve a diversity of uses, which dictate different finishes, systems, ADA accessibility requirements, custom interior detailing, cabinetry and management of a large number of personnel requires a more formal program analysis.

Architects, interior designers, engineers and contractors all work together to deliver solutions for the office renovation market. Each project is different. Every project will have its own unique challenges and Owners have specific ideas that they will want to see in a renovation.

On an office renovation project the Owner, Architectural and Contractor must all work together to find the right solution. Team members have their own set of responsibilities for the project. Mutual trust and clear communications are essential.

The Owner brings a viable project, capital and decision making duties to the party. The architectural team is responsible for design development, working drawings, code compliance, permitting documents, interior fit and finish, electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems. The contractor team member brings detailed knowledge of the construction process, costing and scheduling.

Each member contributes to the finish product. Every team member takes a different role and time in the process; their ability to listen and translate needs and requirements into a construct-able solution requires the consideration of everyone's input factored into the final solution. This process is critical for the Owner to assess the contractor's ability and desire to ensure the project is being defined correctly and gains confidence that the project will be delivered on time and on budget.

Office renovations are about form and function, but it is also about feel and comfort. Many additions need to match existing finishes and style. Some will involve added space to outdated office interiors, requiring not just building the new space, but upgrading the older space to match the fit and finish in the renovation. Often times, new additions can be achieved with minimal impact to the ongoing operations.

Technology and energy efficiency also play into the many options to consider when renovating offices. Certain types of lighting can be more energy efficient than others; they are initially more expensive, but how long is the pay back on energy savings? Is your office renovation the right time to install a Building Management System (BMS) to monitor energy and environment 24/7? What's the difference between and $1.50 a square foot carpet and $5.00 a square foot carpet? What are ADA requirements and how do those affect me? Can this office renovation be coordinated with modular office systems? How can I have an open office environment and not be noisy? These are all good questions that your contractor should be able to answer for you.

Delivering the right project starts with teamwork in the beginning. This optimizes the Owner's time, maximizes the Architects' effort and provides the Contractor the information needed to deliver the office improvements in the most cost effective way, meeting the Owner's expectations.

Office renovations can be a smooth process with the right application of planning and teamwork. Facility Builders & Erectors meets and far exceeds the Owner expectations. Are you considering an office renovation? Call Ken Thomson or Steve Sindelar at 714-577-8060 to discuss your project needs.