Pre-construction Services

By Ken Thomson

Facility Builders & Erectors, Inc. (FB&E) provides critical Pre-Construction Services when project planning is in its infancy. We believe this planning is a cornerstone for a well-executed project.

When a project's potential is identified, the Owner will give critical information to make Go/No Go decisions based on the suitability of the property, site conditions, local zoning, building restrictions and other site-specific impacts. Programming building space and configurations, understanding end use goals and translating those needs into appropriate facility improvements is also crucial to this stage. Defining architectural finishes, exploring alternative solutions and meeting energy efficiency levels can further help fill in the project profile.

FB&E helps take this information and translates it into a Project Delivery Schedule, which can be another key element in these preliminary assessments. In addition, addressing market conditions for material resource availability, budgeting the total costs for the project early on, and having a clear constructability plan with a project schedule will then give our Owners an opportunity to assess their investment and development goals before spending more significant amounts of money.

Early planning can also help determine the best delivery method of a project. Every project is different in regards to an Owners criteria for making facility investments. An Owner's time commitments, staffing, and level of detailed involvement can all influence a preferred delivery method. Options to consider include Construction Management, Lump Sum bid, or a Design-Build with a guaranteed maximum cost.

As the Owners needs and vision for a facility start to develop, there is data to be gathered regarding the land, soils, and agency requirements. Coupled with this is the need to define the buildings use - what its purpose is and what characteristics need to be included in the design. With this programming in hand and with the data from land surveys and research, a conceptual site-specific plan can start to be developed.

This initial investment can then serve multiple purposes: preparing a design, forming a construction budget, developing a schedule for the detailed design and engineering, permit processing through all the required agencies, and the construction of the improvements. These steps help complete an early picture of what the project is going to look like, how much it is going to cost, and how long it is going to take.

This phase requires a construction firm, such as Facility Builders & Erectors, Inc., who is capable of conceptualizing a project's needs from an early development stage of any plans so as to allow for Owner decision making, communicating the project to other stakeholders including the planning department, lenders, and operations staff.

Once a project is green-lighted to proceed, detailed engineering for the project can begin. This is a coordinated effort of an Architect and multiple engineering disciplines including Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Civil, Landscaping, Soils, Fire-Life Safety, Security, Energy, and any specialty equipment which may be included in the facility.

FB&E's involvement in this phase of the project will allow for material choices and valuable discussions at the earliest possible time. If the project will include a Pre-Engineered Metal Building, FB&E will coordinate the manufacturers engineering package with Architects and Engineers. Keeping a focus on the complete project delivery, Facility Builders efforts in this design phase is to ensure schedules are being managed and that any project needs are anticipated in order to move the project forward effectively and efficiently.