Project Name:Anaheim Substation

By Ken Thomson

Location:Anaheim, CA

Type:Design Build

Client:Aubrey-Silvey / City of Anaheim

Project Summary:

Design-Build an electrical substation housing state of the art GIS equipment and transformers within a building replicating a 1920's era power generating station.

Project Highlights

Working with the City of Anaheim and Aubrey-Silvey, an international constructor of Electrical Infrastructure systems, Facility Builders and Erectors, Inc. designed and built a building to house Anaheim's state of the art electrical substation. FBE addressed the hundreds of details for the substation systems as well as met a design criteria established by the Anaheim Historical Society to replicate a turn of the century power generating facility. The building houses: control room facilities, transformers in fire safe rooms with containment and vaults and trenches for the electrical distribution inside the building that interconnects out to the adjacent streets. Project was designed, permitted and constructed on time over a 16-month period as initially planned.

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