Project Name:Transfer Station, MRF, SRB Facility

By Ken Thomson

Location:Huntington Beach, CA

Type:Refuse and Recycling, Steel Buildings

Client:Republic Services

Project Summary:

Expansion of a pre-existing Transfer Station with new, enclosed MRF and SRB pre-engineered metal buildings.

Project Highlights

Transfer Station expansion (from the original 2007-2011 build). Including a new MRF enclosure, C&D enclosure and site improvements.

Facility Builders & Erectors also coordinated the large expansion and new pre-engineered metal buildings with existing operations to have an active site at all times during the construction process.

Ventilation for AQMD with enclosures as a direct response to containment of facilities operations indoors. Created a negative pressure environment to prevent dust and particles from escaping, as well as upgraded the on site fire water system.

Completely rebuilt and replaced all seven entrances into the facility campus. Removed, repaved and replaced all asphalt and pavement around the facility, in phases to allow full operations to continue at all times during construction. Also included a new storm drain from major trunk lines located around a school.

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