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By Ken Thomson

Facility Builders & Erectors

Should you find yourself in need for a commercial or industrial building, it would always be worth considering a Pre-Engineered Metal Building as a solution.

Some of the variables to consider when selecting a building type include the use of the buildings, location on the property, adjacencies to other buildings, distance from property lines, budget, architectural preferences and building codes.

Construction types can include frame and stucco, masonry, concrete tilt-up, structural steel and pre-engineer metal buildings.

Talking with a Design-Builder, who has a strong understanding of the different construction type of materials, can help bring focus to the building options for a specific building project.

Every site is different. Every project is different. Identifying the right solution entails understanding how site conditions, building uses, budget, schedule and planning, both short and long term all play a part of the "value" of the design for that specific project.

Facility Builders and Erectors provide building solutions everyday for a full spectrum of projects. The FB&E resume includes all building types on all types of sites. New ground-up facilities, additions to existing operations, constructing tenant improvements, whether it's a medical office or an aerospace manufacturing environment are all part of the diverse capabilities at FB and E.

Commercial Metal Buildings have been used for office buildings, stripe centers, industrial parks and single use service and commercial uses. They can be very energy efficient and are able to utilize a variety of wall finishes and or a combination of materials, from metal panels to masonry, stucco and glazing systems.

Steel buildings have evolved in appearances, developing an architectural appeal that contributes to the community. Today's pre engineered metal buildings provide manufactured structural steel frames in shapes and sizes to meet the design needs for the building.

The walls have a variety of configurations, from basic steel panels to elegant architectural panels and detailing. Window and door systems of all kinds can be readily factored into the building as well.

Steel roofs come with a choice of finishes with warranties of up to 30 years. Metal roofs are very low maintenance. As with any roof structure, the roof can be designed and built with no added loads, ready to take solar arrays, or roof top equipment.

Environmentally, pre engineered steel buildings have several advantages to be considered in evaluating the right construction type for a given project. Commercial metal buildings are manufactured with a maximum of 70% recycled US steel content. This will contribute to LEED recognition and certification. The manufacturing process minimizes material waste. The small pieces are then cut or punched from the steel building components are recycled for future use.

Both the wall and roofs can be insulated to achieve some of the best building envelope energy ratings available. A great example are the millions of square feet freezer and refrigerator buildings, which all use a key component of the steel building industry, the sandwich insulated metal panels. These panels are prefinished inside and out. Whether keeping the cold in or keeping the cold out, the insulation values available for steel buildings easily achieve these goals.

Natural light can be introduced into the interior of the building with roof skylights and wall light panels or a combination of these elements. Technology has advanced the light transfer into the buildings in a variety of ways without the extreme heat or cold. As each project is different, there is a different "right" solution for each site.

Steel building roof systems regularly last in excess of 30-years, making them the most cost effective roof for long-term ownership. Many building owners are adding solar panels to the roofs. The solar systems are good for up to 20-years. Doesn't it make sense that they are located on a roof that will outlast the solar array?

The buildings can be designed to support anything contemplated to go on the roof. The frames can span up to 250 feet easily and over 400' if required. Pre-engineered metal buildings are a very popular solution for equestrian arenas, hockey rinks, and other sports and activities centers.

As an investment, pre-engineered steel buildings provide great value at the time of original construction. They can be designed to look like any building type with the advantages of a long life and low maintenance roof. The flexibility in length, width and height are unlimited. The capacity to carry added equipment or tooling loads is excellent. The insulation options will insure the energy efficiency is built into the life of the building.

Facility Builders & Erectors, Inc. works with building owners, developers, tenants and facilities managers everyday, defining the right building solutions and as a Design-Builder will then take full responsibility to design, permit and construct your project. FB and E delivers all building types for its clients. Over the years so many have utilized Pre engineered metal buildings that FB and E has become recognized as a expert in the application of the steel buildings for the commercial, industrial and aviation segments of business. Let Facility Builders & Erectors, Inc. define the right building solution for your next project.

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