Why You Want an Experienced Steel PEMB Erector AND General Contractor for Your Project

By Ken Thomson

Facility Builders & Erectors

Why You Want an Experienced Steel Metal Building Erector AND General Contractor for Your Project

Now that we've highlighted the differences between a General Contractor and a Building Erector. We thought it important to share why you want both an experienced steel metal building erector and general contractor for your project. Before we get into the details, let's recap.

• A general contractor is responsible for the project from start to finish. This role has complete control and responsibility for the project and any work performed on the job site.
• An erector, or steel erector, is considered a trade specialty (or subcontractor).

Few general contractors are skilled at or confident enough to erect a pre-engineered metal building. (PEMB). Be sure to research and even reference check a few general contractors before moving forward. The erection of your facility is, for obvious reasons, a critical component (if not the most critical) to ensure that you have it assembled by an experienced and trusted erection team.

Large buildings, commercial or industrial, require the skill of an expert erector to insure proper assembly and structural integrity. Properly installed PEMB's will provide years of trouble-free performance. Because of this, most contractors rely on professional steel erectors to execute portions of projects. Which is why, choosing your contractor could be the most important decision in determining the success of your steel building project.


Selecting a contractor that is also an expert in steel erection - when possible is the optimal and ideal option. When you work with Facility Builders and Erectors, Inc. (FB&E) you have the rare situation where you have access to both - an experienced GC and a PEMB erector! The team has over 25 years of experience as a PEMB ground up facilities and modifications simple and complex, to existing facilities.

Integration and years of experience as a general contractor and steel erector allows Facility Builders & Erectors to meet and exceed owner expectations on industrial, commercial, and community projects. And, because FB&E builds many metal structures each year, they have a team of erectors allowing for more competitive pricing, responsiveness to timelines and constraints, and the added ability to ensure quality control on "Critical Shell Components" of a building.

FB&E understands that every building is a one-of-a-kind. Every piece of property has unique elements. Every community has planning and building codes that will dictate conditions and even possibly timelines of the construction on that particular parcel of property. The goal of the design-build team at FB&E is to marry the facility needs of your operations and activities with jobsite and code conditions and regulations.

When a long-lasting PEMB is the appropriate solution to your needs, our knowledge of the pre-engineered building systems available in the market will provide you with an architecturally appealing, value driven metal building solution that meets and exceeds your expectations and needs.

When you're ready to navigate your next project, reach out to the Facility Builders & Erectors' team today!


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