Commercial and Industrial Building Construction

By Ken Thomson

Commercial and Industrial building construction really puts a contractor to the test in projects that are complex and large, as they require exceptional organizational skills. Construction of a commercial building draws on expertise in many areas, including concrete, steel framing, onsite safety management, and state-of-the-art developments such as reduction of carbon footprint. Success in this field requires the contractor a long-standing reputable reputation and years of experience under his belt.

In commercial and industrial building construction, it is crucial that one keep track of many diverse factors. One factor to consider is how the processes involved constrains the nature of commercial or industrial structures built to house them. Another important factor is the thorough comprehension of the owner's objectives and identifying the most sensible design methods and materials to realize them. Furthermore, the contractor must bring to bear his financial and legal constraints.

Constructing facilities that foster efficient flow of the industrial process requires understanding the pertinent aspects belonging to that commercial enterprise. The best way to do this is by practicing effective construction management. The techniques belonging to this method keep the project within budget and on schedule, and they prevent the smallest detail from being overlooked.

Also popular today is the building green movement, affecting both residential and commercial construction. People are more interested in sustainability and reducing carbon footprint, which, together with certain financial incentives, has resulted in greener buildings. Therefore contractors enjoy an advantage if they can pass LEED certification.

Choosing to go with an all-in-one Design-Build solution for delivery implies a construction management approach to the entire project. In addition to the traditional tasks of scheduling and budgeting, the construction manager guides the design process from the start through pre-construction services, site condition analysis, and close communication with owner and architects.

If the contractor wants to thrive in the current environment, he needs the expertise to construct both tilt-up concrete and pre-engineered metal buildings. Furthermore, he is much further ahead employing sustainable practices wherever possible.

As a general contractor, Facility Builders and Erectors has carved out a reputable specialty niche as prime construction manager for commercial, industrial, and manufacturing companies. By visiting building sites early and often, questioning, and investigating carefully, we are able to prevent potential problems. This work extends to the evaluation of environmental conditions and impacts on other neighborhood businesses.

Another advantage we enjoy is our years of experience with pre-engineered steel buildings, both in specifying them and in on-site erection. Our staff possesses the proper skills both for handling the special tools and equipment needed to do this and for exercising utmost safety measures. However, we are not limited to working with steel systems; we are also experts at tilt-up concrete techniques.

What Facility Builders and Erectors strives for and takes pride in is a close working relationship with our customers. This quality greatly increases the chance of genuine owner satisfaction. Often our customers become long-lasting friends, and helping them also earns us an excellent reputation and references.

Having worked with many different architectural and engineering companies, FBE is well equipped to identify the ideal group with whom to team up on any particular project. Pooling our strengths with the designers invariably leads to solutions that are functionally, economically, and efficiently sound.