Advantages of Pre Engineered Steel Buildings

By Ken Thomson

One of the greatest advantages of pre engineered steel buildings is they can be customized to suit the needs of each client. These types of buildings are ideal for commercial and industrial use, retail stores, shopping malls, sports arenas, office buildings, churches, and even private residences.

Metal buildings can include all the interior and exterior accessories and finishings normally found in conventional construction. Exterior wall panels can be painted or covered with stucco or imitation stone facades. Custom walk through or roll up doors can be added, along with windows, skylights, canopies, and roof extensions.

When developing construction plans, designers take into account many factors including environmental issues that affect the area where the building will be erected. Prefab metal buildings are a good choice for areas that are prone to natural forces such as severe temperatures, earthquakes, or excessive winds, rainfall, or snow loads.

Understanding weather conditions aids in selecting the appropriate type of insulation. Having a properly insulated metal building helps HVAC systems work more efficiently and thereby reduces utility costs.

Prefabricated buildings are an ideal choice for companies concerned about the environment. Steel is an eco-friendly building material that can be recycled repeatedly. If the building is demolished, steel can be reused to create a new building. If the building has to be relocated, steel building erectors can dismantle and transport to the new location.

Since pre engineered metal buildings are manufactured at a factory and transported to the construction site there is significantly less site labor involved. Structures are much easier and less costly to erect than conventional buildings. Construction times and site efficiencies both benefit from using pre-engineered metal buildings.

Pre engineered metal buildings utilize a minimum of 70 percent recycled content.

The structural systems can be designed for an endless variety of commercial, and industrial applications and uses.

PEMB's have a diversity of roof and wall panel choices, with up to 30-year warranties and insulation values up to R 50.

Hybrid pre engineered steel building kits can include a variety of exterior and interior finishes. They are ideal for airplane hangars, equestrian centers, church building, agriculture facilities, manufacturing plants, processing centers and personal storage space.

Whether you want a place to store automobile collections or to conduct business, pre engineered steel buildings is a smart choice. We hope you'll let the experienced team of Facility Builders and Erectors show you the many affordable options and uses of prefab structures.