Why Choose Custom Metal Buildings?

By Ken Thomson

Custom metal buildings are often the preferred choice in commercial, industrial, and municipal projects because they are cost-effective and can be erected quickly. Project owners can have extensive input regarding frame styles, wall panel colors, facades, and interior finishes and can include an array of architectural design elements and finishing touches.

We could talk for hours about the benefits of choosing custom metal buildings. More than likely you don't have time for that, so let's summarize.

• Steel buildings are an affordable alternative to other structures.
• They require significantly less time to construct.
• Metal buildings and warehouses are exceptionally durable and can withstand harsh environments.
• They require minimal maintenance.
• Steel metal buildings can be fully customized to meet the needs of the client.
• Can be extremely energy efficient.

Due to the flexibility in design, steel buildings are ideal for any setting. You'll find them used for office buildings, churches, aviation hangars, warehouses, schools, retail stores, manufacturing, farm storage barns, and residential homes to name a few.

The options are nearly endless, which makes it more important to work with a qualified steel building designer. Professional designers are able to analyze conceptual designs and determine if they are feasible. If not, they recommend alternatives to achieve desired results.

Everything about the building is planned in advance to ensure the structure can accommodate architectural designs and finishings. Depending on how the building will be used this could include flooring, lighting fixtures, interior walls, wall panel facades, mezzanines, entrance canopies, and decks.

Once construction plans are developed and approved by local officials, drawings are sent to a steel building manufacturer. Individual components are, then fabricated, packaged together and shipped to the project site.

This is one reason metal structures are cheaper to build. Contractors don't have to bear the costs associated with fabricating a building onsite. Project owners only have to pay for materials and labor costs. Pre engineered buildings are ready for assembly upon delivery.

Metal buildings are assembled by erectors who attach the structure to concrete foundations. Assembly takes less time required to construct a wood-frame building. Time frames will vary depending on design features, finishing touches, and overall size.

Some design builders, such as Facility Builders, offer multiple construction services so project owners don't have to work with different contractors. This is very beneficial and can save the owner considerable time and money, as long as they choose a qualified contractor.

Investing time to look for a reputable and experienced metal building contractor will pay off in many ways. First and foremost, building materials and craftsmanship will be superior and meet building standards codes.

If you're in need of a design builder or general contractor, FBE would be happy to provide a free quote. Our services include:

• Conceptual studies and analysis
• Design builder
• General contractor
• Construction management
Steel building erector • Tenant improvements

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