Working with Steel Building Contractors

By Ken Thomson

Selecting steel building contractors is one of the most important decisions project owners make when having commercial and industrial structures built to order. Most owners have no idea of how to custom build, expand, or renovate their facilities. Being uninformed can lead to costly mistakes or being taken advantage of.

Choosing experienced and reputable steel building contractors ensures structures will be designed and erected in accordance with local ordinances and ADA requirements. Furthermore, contractors will advise owners of the best ways to maximize traffic flow through positioning of workstations, restrooms, storage areas, and parking lots.

While there are many ways to customize metal buildings, most owners have budget constraints that don't allow them to incorporate every feature desired. Contractors can help project owners save money during the design phase by providing suggestions for the most cost-effective materials and design elements.

Pre engineered buildings offer considerable flexibility in terms of interior and exterior design. One of the most attractive features is the ability to expand buildings at a later time. Steel buildings provide the option to utilize expandable frames which make it considerable less expensive to add on when additional space is needed.

Another benefit of working with design build contractors is they assume all responsibilities associated with metal building construction. Design build construction is recommended when projects involve tenant improvements or large structures with multiple design features.

Owners involved with commercial and industrial projects may find it more effective to work with a construction management contractor. CMs are heavily involved in every facet of the project from design to delivery.

Not every contractor is experienced in the pre-engineered type of steel building construction. Firms that specialize in conventional structured steel framing might not be the best choice for erecting aviation hangars or metal churches.

Certainly there are similarities for erecting steel buildings; however it is advisable to seek out contractors who specialize in the type of structure being built. Otherwise, there is potential for work delays or quality control is used.

Building a pre-engineered steel structure from scratch is a large undertaking that necessitates working closely with the chosen general contractor. All details need to be sorted out in advance to ensure the building system meets expectations.

This involves preparing written contracts and providing costs for construction materials and labor, as well as acquiring architectural drawings and securing permits, licenses, and insurance policies.

All building components must be decided upon prior to commencing with the manufacturing process. This entails choosing doors, windows, skylights, trim, wall panels, insulation, roof style, and floor plan layout.

Since prefab metal buildings are fabricated at manufacturing plants it is vital to work out all details to ensure the structure fits together properly and can accommodate design elements.

While working with building contractors can eliminate many burdens for project owners, it is essential to stay involved and pay attention to details. Contractors ought to provide performance reports and advise of any changes that affect pricing or construction timeframes.

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