Which Prefab Metal Building Accommodates Your Building Needs?

By Ken Thomson

A Prefab Metal Building is a value based building solution that fits hundreds of applications.

Prefab metal buildings are manufactured from steel. The advantages in steel are durability, strength and longevity. Properly constructed and maintained steel building can last for generations.

Prefab metal buildings are "green" building products. The fabrication process produces almost zero waste. Steel buildings have a high recycle content, some as high as 70%. Steel buildings are good for the environment and good for Facility Builders & Erectors.

Roof panels have coatings with 30-year warranties. Some of these roof coatings are classified as "cool roofs," meaning a certain level of Solar Reflectance has been achieved, resulting in a reduction of solar heat being transferred into the building. Steel buildings are good for reducing energy consumption and good for Facility Builders.

The insulating options for prefab metal buildings can greatly exceed any code requirements. This can allow for reducing HVAC requirements and therefore reduce ongoing energy costs. Steel buildings are good for the pocketbook and good for FBE.

Prefab buildings are entirely erected by the same crew, when they are delivered to a jobsite. This speeds up the construction time. It makes an efficient use of equipment and manpower on the site. Erectors can install insulation systems, roof top equipment curbs, skylights and other rooftop accessories. Shorter construction times equal less costs. Steel buildings are good for the project and good for FB&E.

There is a wide range of architectural steel panels on the market today to create aesthetically appealing exteriors. We have come a long way from the original single option of the corrugated galvanized panel. Smooth panels, deep box ribs, stucco coated are all readily available products. As with the roof panels, many of these products offer a 30-year warranty on the coatings to ensuring a fresh appearance for many years. Finding the right panels or combinations of materials can make a very positive contribution to the building appearance and curbside appeal.

Large clear span interiors are easily achieved with prefab metal building frames. That's why airplane hangars of all sizes are prefab metal buildings. Sports arenas, ice rinks, equestrian buildings, truck maintenance facilities, materials recovery facilities, manufacturing plants and large warehouse distribution centers all benefit from the ability to create large column free environments.

Industrial buildings that transport heavy loads depend on overhead cranes to move material and equipment around, utilizing prefab buildings to support crane loads with the building frames.

Design Build contractors with metal building expertise are in the best position to assist with creating value for the project early on. Design Build Contractors have the ability to work with early project concepts, assisting clients in assemble plans, budgets and schedules and strategies at a very conceptual stage. As the project takes on definition, contractors update the project criteria at the same time. Design Build is a value driven approach to the construction process. This approach saves time, money and effort while minimizing owner participation.

Project goals are to deliver a completed building or facility. Prefab metal buildings defined, delivered and erected to meet project expectations is a part of the goal. When all the planning, designing and materials selection is done, it's time to construct the project. The contractor is responsible for delivering the prefab metal building. The building is not complete until it has been erected with the a roof and all components are installed.

The erection of the building is an important part of the process. Metal buildings are made up of structural steel elements, sheeting metal products, insulation systems, glazing, doors and hardware components all wrapped into one package. The 30-year roof warranty is as good as the installation of those systems. Experience, safety, skills, teamwork and craftsmanship are all critical elements that go into erecting the building.

Building any project requires building a team. Build the right team and the project will be delivered smoothly, efficiently and effectively. Learning about and validating a contractor based on their experience is critical.

Do they carry the appropriate licenses, insurances and bonding capacity? Talking with recent references and looking at the projects requires time. Ask the references how the contractor solved problems, treated extra work and did on meeting schedule and budget. How do they approach the building process? Are you comfortable with their communication skills and methods? Do they have current work in progress? Is the site organized and clean? Are the crews properly dressed and working safely? Is it being coordinated and supervised? Which metal building manufacturer do they work with and why? How does this benefit the project and the building quality? What are the qualifications of the erectors? Manufacturer certified? OHSA trained? What is their safety record? Have they had any serious accidents? Will they be around if you experience any problems with the building?

Facility Builders & Erectors has been delivering ground up project and pre engineered metal buildings for over 20-years. Based in Southern California the approach here isn't to just sell a building project, it's to ensure the entire building experience meets your expectations, and as a client you will build with FB&E again.