Team Build

By Ken Thomson

Team Building is a method of delivering a project where the Owner engages the Architectural and Engineering disciplines directly and then engages a Builder, such as Facility Builders & Erectors, Inc. (FB&E) to be involved as a part of the Team early on in the process.

This is different from the Design-Build approach, where FB&E would engage these consultants as a part of a single source management and delivery process. Team Builds work when the Owner is comfortable with taking on the responsibility of engaging the consultant team directly and managing all the duties that go along with those contracts.

The duties and responsibilities of the Builder are spelled out in the Team Building agreement. Some of the basic work scopes include project budgeting, estimating, material selections and availabilities, as well as optional construction solutions with related cost/schedule impacts.

Other duties could consist of the engagement of early Design-Build subcontractors and vendors, including Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, fire protection systems, low voltage alarm and security systems. The Builder will also review and assess specialty equipment and systems going into the project and ensure building improvements are consistent, so as to support this equipment from the foundations to the required fire protection as well as other utility support.

Facility Builders is a believer in early contractor involvement in a project. To successfully deliver a construction project, the Team should include the Owner, the Architect and the Builder. In addition to being capable and having the experience to build a project, it is also important to see how this Team works together in the initial stages of a project.

Here are some questions that need to be asked as a Team is assembled:

For more than 25 years, Facility Builders & Erectors, Inc. has been assembling consultant, vendor and subcontractor teams and successfully completing hundreds of projects. FB&E knows that the key to a project's success is in the teamwork and efforts of all the team members involved. It is powerful for the Builder to understand why things are being built the way they are, which speaks to the importance of early involvement in the project. As the team leaders for the construction, FB&E will learn about our Client's project expectations, we will support the design team throughout their efforts, assist in keeping the project expectation in focus and identify value driven construction alternatives as early as possible. Having been a part of the Pre-construction efforts, we will have been able to competitively secure the best resources to build the construction team as needed. With open communication with our Client, Facility Builders brings value incrementally for the Client's benefit. FB&E then plans our work and we work to the plan, as a Team.