Customized Steel Airplane Hangar

By Ken Thomson

re-Engineered Metal Buildings are the preferred building products for the Design and Construction of Airplane Hangars. The unique clear span rigid frames component of the Pre-Engineered Metal Building system is one of the primary benefits. Not only does the rigid frame easily and economically provide for clear span space requirements of aircraft wingspan, they also support hangar doors systems, utilized on airplane hangars.

A Cessna 150 will need a 40' clear span. A 747 requires a 230' clear span. The requirements of airplane hangars are as diverse as the aircraft on the market. As a Fixed Based Operator (FBO), there may be a requirement for multiple aircraft housed in the same hangar space. With clear span frames to accommodate any aircraft need, the depth of a hangar is virtually unlimited.

Airplane hangars can be configured in several manners. Common solutions include free standing individual hangars or a continuous rows of individual units, utilizing common walls in between units. Other configurations include T-hangars with unit access on both sides of the building.

If the hangar is used in an aerospace application, aircraft maintenance or assembly then Pre-Engineered Steel Building can be easily configured to receive overhead bridge cranes and access mezzanines to aid in access to the aircraft.

The aviation industry is an avid user of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings. Metal Hangars are readily noticed at an airport and play a large role as the operations support of the industry.

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings provide long lasting and low maintenance roofs. PEMB's are easily insulated and capable of handling sustained high winds. A 30-year warranty is common now for roof panels and the finishes. Standing Seam roof panels are excellent platforms to support a solar panel array. Solar Panels have a 20-year life span; it makes sense to put them on a roof that has a longer life expectancy. Solar panels can be attached to pre engineered metal roofs with non-penetrating fasteners, ensuring aircrafts are safe and protected inside, while generating a green source of electricity.

Steel Building hangars are capable of using a variety of wall finishes to compliment the surrounding environments. Wall finishes range from basic shade and shelter R-panels to a sophisticated R-55 value insulated wall panel. Climatic conditions will dictate the use of these different panels.

Once the hangar shell is completed, the interiors can be developed to accommodate the operational needs. Facility Builders & Erectors can deliver everything from a simple restroom to a state of the art FBO operations center.

Typically, with hangar projects, there will be an element of site work or general improvements to the site. These improvements may include site grading, perimeter security fencing, automatic gates with access controls, concrete paving and drainage systems. All of these features need to be integrated into the overall airplane hangar project, so when completed, it will be a fully functional facility.

Occasionally, when Facility Builders & Erectors is acting as the General Contractor for a hangar project, other airport improvements may be done at the same time. Facility Builders & Erectors has installed storm water filtration and retention systems as a part of the project. Fueling systems for the aircraft may also be included in the scopes of work.

Hangar projects are usually a part of existing airport operations. When this is the case, there are special rules and regulations mandated by the Airport Authority, which must be strictly adhered to during the construction process. As Construction Managers, Facility Builders & Erectors plans the project execution around these critical safety guidelines. As the steel erector, FBE ensures all cranes and forklifts area properly identified, all workers are dressed in safety visible gear, safety training and records are submitted, and security clearances are in place, prior to the work to ensure a smooth and timely delivery.

Airplane hangars are ideal projects to utilize the Design-Build method of construction. In this method, the Design-Build contractor has total responsibility for the design, permitting and construction of the hangar. Properly sized concrete foundations, floor slab, hangar doors, finishes, lighting, fire protection and ventilation systems all need to be coordinated into the final product.

Facility Builders and Erectors is very familiar with the Design-Build process, having built hundreds of projects over the years. Facility Builders has delivered hundreds of thousands of square feet of hangars, manufacturing and industrial buildings throughout the Western United States. The combination of Pre-engineered steel buildings and the Design build process makes them a leader in this segment of the construction market. To learn more about the airplane hangars Visit or call Rob or Eloy at 714-577-8060.